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slob spring 2019
fall 2018
Vermillion Snapper 2019
King Mackerel

First big one of 2019!

Another Jetty Slob! Oct 2017
Sept 20, 2017

Great day of fishing.

Spring 2019 mixed bag
spring 2019 toutog
Spring 2019 jolthead porgy
A big triggerfish Oct 2017
Flounder Nov 2017
Wahoo Oct 2017

80 pound Wahoo hooked 10 miles off Wrightsville Beach

Citation 43 inch jettyslob!

hooked 3 Oct 2017 on a live spot.

Cruising adventure!

Sept 2017mid day cruise.

Sept 2017

beautiful drum.

flounder Oct 2017
Sunrise over Masonboro Inlet Aug 201
Very hot drum fishing Aug 2017
Beautiful drum Aug 2017
Large False Albacore Aug 2017
Some hot fishing! July 2017
Kings May 201
kings 2017
nice grouper May 2017
Albie action.
Drum are back April 2017
Carolina spring kreel.
nice offshore flounder. May 2017
Albacore April 2017
pity we cannot keep.
big bass!
"I never catched a clam before!"
Big Black Drum Feb 2017
Black d
Red Drum Feb 2017
Nice Black Sea bass Jan 2017
Trout Dec 2016
Great smile and King May 2016
First Dorado May 2016
Nice King Mackerel 2016
Big Black sea bass April 2016
First Cobia of the season May 2016
False Albacore May 2016
Big Red Drum May 2016
Amberjacks May 2016
Atlantic Sharp nose shark May 2016
Grouper May 2016
Kings April 2016
Blues April 2016
New Boat
Cooler Busters
Blues & Spanish April 2016
Big Black Seabass April 2016
A big 50 inch Drum. Aug 2015
Dolphin Fish June 2015
King Mackerel June 2015
False Albacore June 2015
Drum Aug 2015
King Mackerel June 2015
King Mackerel June 2015
Big King!
False Albacore June 2014
Amberjack June 2015
King June 2015
Cobia June 2015
Amber Jack Aug 2015
Barracuda Aug 2015
Red Drum Aug 2015
Cobia Aug 2015
Flounder Aug 2015
Drum July 2015
Dolphin Fish June 2015
Grunt 2015
Red drum Aug 2015
Red Drum Aug 2015
Red Drum Aug 2015
Cobia July 2015
Atlantic Sharpnose Shark 2015
King Mackerel July 2015
Nice Grey Trout!
Smoker King May 2015
Grey Grunt, May 2015
Very nice sheepshead April 2015

Nice work Hunter!

first flounder of 2015

Nice work Spencer!

Oct 2014
April 2015

Spencer on his first False Albacore.

Very nice Tog!
April 2015
April 2015 Atlantic Bonito
Mid April 2015 King Mackere
Kings in April
April 201
Mates having fu
Grey Trout moved in today April
Spring Reds April 20
Nice mid June Cobia 2014
Nice Tog mate!
Late winter Spiny, March 2014
Winter haul. March 2015
Black Sea Bass. March 2015
First Drum and a trophy 2014
Very Nice looking drum.
Reel screamers Ocg
Winter 2014
Nice mess Jan. 2015

The tautog and bass were thick today.

A really fat Sea Bass.
Some nice black drum,
Late November 2014
Late Nov 2014
Sept 2014 Red Drum
Red drum Sept 201
The hardest fighting fi
Slabs in No. 2014 Ringtail Pinfish
20 + Sept 20 2014
Sept 2014
56 inch beauty, Nov 16, 2013

A beast of a drum expertly landed on a twenty pound leader at a location one mile off Masonboro Island. This black beauty was fooled by an old and trusted lure. Well done Ben! The fish was returned unharmed to the waters.

20 Sept 2014
Sept 2014
Sept 2014
Aug 2014
Aug 2014
Nearshore king mackerel June 2014
June 2014 red drum
very nice overslot drum
Big old blue chopper

12 pound June 2014 blue. This fish was released to fight another day.

A family adventure

Two lads holding up the families catch. June 2014

A very nice brace.
Spencer you Beaut!
Very nice slot Drum early June 2014
Nice Drum
Nice fish!
A very nice brace of drum.
A citation! June 7 2014

A great fight mate!

A keeper summer flounder!
43 pounds and 56 inches
Amberjack at the jetty.
June 7th overslot 33inch drum
nice keeper flounder
peas in a pod.
Barracuda June 2014
Three at once! May 2014
Teeth all round!  May 2014
Some fight Spencer!  May 2014
Amber Jack May 2014

These small ambers can put on a mighty fight on small tackle.

May 10th, 2014

Nice Haul

Grey trout,

Grey trout have moved back in.

grey grunt
Keeper all the way May 2014
Inshore Amberjack
Keeper Black seabass April 2014
Never to young to start.
Back in the bays red. April 2014
Back in the bay black drum.
Spring flounder 2014
Great smile!
First False Albacore of 2014 April
Citation flounder 2013
Some of the flies we use.
Getting jigs ready for 2014 season.

Winter provides some time to get this big fish catcher jig perfected. When this buck-tail jig is fished under the right circumstances in combination with the right "sweetener" it has proven to be deadly for the larger predators that lurk around Masonboro Inlet. These are a few of the bigger fish fooled in 2013 by this combination lure. Fifty plus inches black drum, forty inch plus red drum, fifteen pound blue fish and a five pound plus flounder.

Fishing in Southern Style, 2013.
Winter fare.
Who would not smile like that.

Nov 11, 2013

Dec 9, 2013 Black drum.

A beautiful warm morning here in NC.

Nice Drum mate!

Dec 9th, 2013

Winter Fare.

Dec, 9th 2013.

44 inch beauty!  Great work.

Nov 2, 2013 Fooled by the good old blue fish head...correction this one was caught on a 1 0 hook and a small strip of blue fish.

Nice Catch!

Nov 11, 2013. 25 inch trout, flounder, large blues. An intense experience.

Large Speckled Trout.

Nov 11, 2013. For some perspective the lure is almost 5 inches long.

What a Beauty!

That lure is almost 5 inches long...

Birthday Drum.  Congratulations!

Nov 3, 2013

Nice fish Chad!

Oct 3, 2013

Nice fish Jim!  Nov 2013

2 Nov 2013

Nice work!

17 Oct 2013

Two smiles.

Oct 13, 2015

Stud Drum.

Oct 13, 2013

Very Nice Red Drum.

Oct 13, 2013 Took half a large blue fish on a Carolina rig.

Fine Red Drum 44 inches.

12 Oct 2012 Took a large blue fish head.

False Albacore.

Oct 12,2013

46 Inch drum on a bucktail.

Oct 11, 2013

Family Feeling Good

Oct 11, 2013

Nice founder mate!

Oct 11, 2013.

Hot Spanish bite

Oct 5, 2013

Red Drum

11 Oct 2013

Nice albacore mate!
Nice haul

30 Sept. 2013

Seven spots.  Oct 3, 2013
cooler full.  Oct 3, 2013
Fun times on the breezy waters.

28 Sept. 2013

Nice! 27 Sept, 2013
27 Sept 2013
Sept 27,2013
reel screamer.  Oct 3, 2013
Sept 5th 2013
Nice Lemon.
Sept 8th 2013

Trout bite is starting.....

Nice trout

Sept 7, 2013

sweet! Sept, 7 2013
Carolina inlet 8 Sept 2013
River Lady fish. 7 Sept 2013
Great flounder 24 Aug 2013

Mark & Donna celebrating 29 years of marriage. Congratulations!

Kids catching kid cobia. Aug 2013
My first Drum! 22 Aug 2013
Visiting from NY.

Very nice released 30 inch drum.

Very Nice!
Aug 10th, some nice fish!
Great work. Aug 10 2013
Aug 10, 2013

Pretty Lady Fish.

Aug 9th, 2013 smorgasbord.
Cape Fear Caravelle Jack
Heading south Aug 2013
Going to get wet!
Aug 7, 2013

What we do best. Making folks Feel Good.

Aug 7th, smiles all around.
Color coordinated! Aug 7th 2013

What a beautiful smile!

26 July 2013, nice drum!
26 July 2013, nice drum!
Smile says it.
Nice grey trout.  24 July 2013
Nice drum mate!
Great haul.

Summer fishing at its best

Nice trout mate!  July 2013

Speckled trout.

Summer flounder.
Nice catch!
Great fish caught by two seven years

One caught the bait (threadfin herring) the other nailed the fish.

Picture says it all.
Nice sea mullet.
Nice catch!  Mid July 2013.
A calm afternoon fishing 17 July 201
Family outing and mahi-mahi.
friends and fun
Nice catch! July 2013
Hot drum action.
Nice Flounder July 4th 2013
Family adventures
May 27, 2013 some nice drum
Nice flounder 5 pound 7 ounce.

Carolina Inlet 15 June 2013

Very Nice Drum.

15 June 2013

Summer Flounder.
A nice catch. June 4, 2013
Blues June 4, 2013
White Grunt

Bottom Fishing the "Fuzz Reef"

Drum in the Back waters June 2013
Founder June 2013

bucktail drifting

White Grunt.
Summer Flounder at Masons Inlet

Drifting with live minnows and catching late evening summer flounder.

Spanish Mackerel

Spanish on a 1976 Penn reel.

Masonboro Inlet

Fishing Masonboro Inlet.

Speckled Trout.

Caught in the Cape Fear.

Black Sea Bass May 14, 2013

They are around in large numbers this year and we hope that they will still be around when the season opens.

Founder May 14, 2013

The flounder are starting to move into the inlets. Small but still fun.

Founder 14 May, 2013

Trusty old bucktail doing the trick.

Comfortable seating.
My first Drum!
May 2013 trout.

Early May speckled trout on a Clouser fly.

15.4 pound Blue.  24 April 2013
Feel Good Jig

We tie many of our own jigs and fly's at Feel Good.

Fisherman's Post April 4, 2013
Drum on a red minnow fly.

Caught and released near Wrightsville Beach.

Black Drum

Black Drum on shrimp, 7 April 2013

Fisherman's Post April 11, 2013
Lee's Little Orange Bugger.

A new home tied fly by Captain Andre. I think it is going to work great!

Family Fun.

Family fun on the water.

Staying for a while longer.
The sunsets can be spectacular!

Sunset over the Intracoastal Waterway North of Wilmington NC.

Sheepshead and Flounder.
Flounder on live Mummichog.

The Indian name for this excellent bait fish means "they go in great numbers".

Two red drum.
Cobia at Masonboro Inlet on a KP.

Ancient fishing - Hooking a large fish on this gear can be heart stopping.

Spanish Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel at Masonboro Inlet, Wilmington, NC.

Fresh from the ocean.
Red Drum Masonboro Inlet

Red Drum at Masonboro Inlet.

Tying for the spring

Tying some patterns for inshore fishing.

Crevalle Jacks in Snows Cut, NC

Fish on ultra light tackle can be very exciting. Crevalle Jack at Snows Cut, Carolina Beach, NC.

Drifting with live mullet.
Mark and flounder.

My dear friend visiting from South Africa.

Grilled clams from this area.

I have plenty of recipes to share with my clients. Lets go get some!

Neon Green.
Red Drum on soft bait.

Red Drum on a jig head and Gulp.

Past student and good Mate.
Hooked on Red Drum, Masonboro Inlet.

Red Drum at Masonboro Inlet, NC.

Bird watching at Carolina Beach.
Blue fish bonanza.

Blue fish can be very tasty and an excellent dish if you dress and prepare them the right way. They are also delicious in a curry.

Fresh flounder and blue fish.

Ask me for my delicious blue fish recipe, it will change the way you look at this fish forever.

Trout from that hole south of.......
Red Drum at that special hole.

We encourage catch and release too.

we live in a beautiful area.
My diving instructor days.
Founder on a live minnow.
Fresh fish dinner.

I have many tasty recipes to share with you, tried and tested over forty years.

Diving days with dinner.
Fresh fresh fresh oysters.

Some of the very best oysters in the United States of America can be found right in this area.

Flounder north of Masons Inlet.
Sunset on Intracoastal Waterway.

Masons Inlet can have so many views when it comes to sunset. Join us for this unique experience.

Red Drum south of Masonboro Inlet.
Mate from South Africa.

Many drum were released on this excellent day of fishing.

Tight Lines.
Cob, Gourits Mond, South Africa.
Red Drum on live mullet.

Red Drum on live mullet, Masons Inlet, NC

Shrimp on the braai.
View towards Figure Eight Island.
Intracoastal heading south.
Heading back from the oysters.

Somewhere near Riches Inlet.

Female striped killifish.

A very good and tough bait. This fish will stay alive for days in just damp seaweed in a cool spot.

Northern Puffer

What a delicious fish to eat!

Salty Dog.
Red drum,  Wrightsville Beach NC

Red drum on a bucktail 2 March 2013

Red drum on fly, alb Minnow.

A red drum that attacked a Clouser Deepwater Minnow on 4 lb tippet. first week of March 2013. Fish released.

Old Fashioned Black drum on shrimp.

Great sport on tight tackle. Black drum caught with drifting shrimp. KP Sarborough centre pin reel, 4 lb leader.

Flounder, Carolina Beach Inlet.

Flounder on live mullet at Carolina Beach Inlet.

Old Fashioned Hand Line Fishing.

Hand line fishing for spanish mackerel or any other elbow twisters.

24 July 2013  Great haul

Red Drum, Summer flounder, grey trout, speckled trout, blue fish and crocker

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